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~ From Scholastic Books:  "...We really enjoyed reading your books. Your writing is humorous in a natural, kid-friendly way, and the concept of having children create their own illustrations is clever. We can see why you have received positive feedback from bookstores and consumers..."   


YOU-DRAW-IT-BOOKS are excellent learning tools as they integrate art and whole language to help children build comprehension skills. These books are interactive and stimulate the mind of the child to respond to the stories with drawings. Parents quickly recognize the value of the books. The books can also be keepsakes as they represent a significant creative achievement. They also make great gifts to grandparents and other relatives.


KIDS LOVE THEM. I have tested the books on children from first grade through sixth, but also find older children enjoy them. The books seem best suited for third to sixth grades. The stories are fun and are written to make the student to think about virtues such as caring, truth, character, and the inner self. The child's natural tendency to draw is allowed to become part of the story, utilizing the learning relationship, which many teachers try to develop. Children become personally involved with the story, often adding their own pets as friends of the animals in the stories.


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  1. Bullet8 x 10 perfectbound

  2. Bullet24 - 36 pages

  3. Bullet8-12 drawing pages

  4. BulletAttractive picture borders

  5. BulletCaptivating characters

  6. BulletDelightful, entertaining stories

  7. BulletValues messages

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